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tisdag, augusti 26, 2014

Getting healthier- prevention of chronic diseases

On the Swedish public TV company SVT there is an American series about obesity in the United States called The weight of the nation. Via this link you can see the programs.

In the first program one can take part of lifestile and health advices to prevent heart diseases. Remember- what is good for the heart is good for the brain:
1. Optimal cholesterol levels.
There are many indications that this is good also in MS. One study found that statins appear to prevent progression of MS. Another study from Buffalo showed a correlation between cholesterol levels and progression.
2. normal blood pressure
3. not having diabetes ---- type II diabetes can often be prevented with by following point four.
4. BMI between 19 and 25
5. Not smoking. Smoking is one of the risk factors for multiple sclerosis, rheumatic diseases and a lot of other diseases
6.physical activity- by not being a couch potato and by doing exercise.. In MS this might prevent atrophy. We also know that physical activity improves balance, strength, endurance, reduces fatigue, etc.
7. A healthy diet that does not increase the weight and blood lipids. Professor Swank's diet proved useful for MS patients. I have seen at least four of them that have been on the diet for 50 years. Three of them spoke at the memorial service for Swank. (Swank himself kept the diet and he died at 99) A woman was featured in a youtube video with Swank

. She was also a long time patient of Swank.
The Mediterranean diet is also good in preventing chronic diseases. It was the Ancel Key recommended. He kept the diet himself and died a few years ago 100 years old.

I wish that our politicians looked at the video about the children in the series obesity in America. One hour of physical activity every day at school would give quieter school. Someone says: it is better that the kids are running around in the gym than in the classroom. It would provide better health for children and young adults. They would do better in math and reading

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